NUMA is a start-up that has initiated a smart and simple solution to improve the time experience in which passengers stay at airports, between flights, and before flights.

The solution: 
Capsule complexes ordered per hour, for sleeping, resting or working.

my role
Visual concept
Visual Design
UX Design. App prototype 
UI Design
During 2019 I joined a talented group of entrepreneurs to set up a startup that will respond to the pain provided by the long hours at the terminals between and before flights.
The NUMA Solution: NUMA’s sleeping capsules allow travelers to comfortably sleep at the airport at any time. Using top of the line sleep technology, together with noise-canceling capsules that incorporate Wi-Fi and an A/C. NUMA provides the perfect sleeping experience, accompanied by a smart app that detects changes in flight times, and helps the passenger prepare for the shift accordingly.
After some time of research, fieldwork, and Development in which we were able to accumulate several achievements, we decided to stop the process out of an understanding that there are significant bureaucratic difficulties that overshadow the business plan of the project.
An important lesson though: it is vital to know how to leave on time :)

NUMA's app prototypes
The capsules are controlled with the help of NUMA's app. The app helps to make reservations on the spot or in advance, perform check-in and check-out, and generate wake-up alerts. The app can alert you to changes in flight times or cancellations and help the passenger go through the intermediate time in a beneficial experience.

Landing page for investors and collaborations.

hero's animation mockup.

One pager for investors and collaborations.

One pager for investors and collaborations.

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