LIGHT-CYBER Is a desktop application designed to protect both your computer's hardware and software.
The application includes several features that does not exist in the existing defense software, such as protecting your device from power surges by analyzing power flow data.​​​​​​​
My role
UX Design
UI Design
Visual concept

usage chronology video | The relationship between the user and the application from exposure to marketing materials to a general usage
The information contained in the databases collected according to the retirement of many computer systems and machine learning makes it possible to analyze various risks and provide the user with timely alerts.
Power outages or changes, cyber-attacks, or extreme climatic conditions are risks for computers, both in software and hardware.

The interaction between the user and the app also supported when the app runs in the background with the helpful chat-bot Alan (named after Alan Turing, the computer genius and one of the early inventors of computing).
Smart is the new strong
The brand and characterization of the app are based on this slogan. It expresses the Global social change in the perception of strength when physical force points its place to the power of thought and programming - the time of the new world’s heroes, the Geeks.
The app offers an innovative approach to the world of security apps. Friendly and yet smart instead of uncommunicative and full of physical power symbols interfaces.
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