Ultimate is a beat-the-house poker game.
This game mode is famous in the poker world, it's common to see ultimate tables in casinos.

- playing 'against the house', the player against the dealer. 
- addition side-bet called Trips, which allows the player to win under certain conditions even if he lost a hand in the game (if he had 'three of a kind' or higher).
- In addition, the game has a different betting rate and different decision-making dynamics and rules.
- design another Beat-the-house game mode in addition to the successful existing BTH Caribbean in the app.  
- Increasing players' bets on the app, which Improves the sync of the app. BTH games are characterized by chips sync, stabilizing the game's economy, and bringing the users to purchase again.
- Increasing engagement and diversity in the BTH section (the users love the BTH Caribbean very much)

Owner of the feature & TF member
UX Design 
UI Design
Art direction

Game session | with sound

Screen recordings from the app | Feature's launch

One of the challenges of that project process was the need to maintain a similarity and connection to the Caribbean both experience and look & feel, but at the same time produce a fundamental difference that would make Ultimate intriguing and attractive.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Olivia & Bella | Ultimate & Caribbean side by side
Several versions of the logo are designed to support its appearances in different formats or needs

The ultimate gaming experience allows players to win with the additional bet of the Trips even in cases where they lost the game.
But beyond the extra bet and the extra thrill, the Trips make this 'player vs house' game more social. With the help of the Magic Trips, a social moment was added to the game, if one of the players won a bet on the Trips, he automatically allocates a portion to all the other players who bet on the Trips.

The Tripser | Choosing Trips bet component

We called the Trips component - Tripser.
The Tripser is characterized by being 'floating' and separated from the main action buttons because it is a side bet. In addition, the decision on the amount of the bet or its change affects only the next game.
To enhance the user experience of the Tripser, we added festive elements (visual and sound) to each click of a larger amount. On the other hand, if the user selects NONE, the Tripser lights are turned off.

Trips payouts table

Magic Trips | Social moment

OLIVIA (and her tiger)
The role of the key character in this game is particularly important.
As BTH games are 'against the house', the character that represents the house is extremely important, and their characterization creates much of the character of the game, the brand, and the experience. 
Although this is of course a fictitious and graphic character, the users tend to develop strong feelings and a connection to the leading character (as could be learned from Bella in the Caribbean).
For this reason, as part of Olivia's character design process, I wrote a character story for her that will allow us, both the product and monetization teams, to deepen the acquaintance with the values that she represents for the benefit of continuing the work on the feature.


As in other games in the application and in general, in addition to the immediate chase, there are bigger chases.
In Ultimate as in the Caribbean BTH, there is a Meta chase where the goal of the players is to accumulate enough progress to receive the bracelet of the game.

The BTH games 'Meta chase' | Caribbean's & Ultimate bracelets  

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