'AVATARS' is a feature we launched at the end of 2022.
Because our game is social but digital, the players were represented by static avatars. They were denied the ability to express themselves visually at the table.
The feature creates a tool for adding interactions between the players at the tables (alongside the chat option). 

- Stand out in the niche and outside it with an attractive feature
- increase the socialized experience in the app
- increase revenue from the purchases of emotes
- improve the app experience by adding an animative layer to it (spine) 

Owner of the feature & TF member
UX Design 
UI Design

Small taste from the feature | Edited screen recordings from the app

when we started working on Avatars we didn't have
‘Best practices’ (There is no such feature in other games of the company, and examples of such a feature in other games are few or irrelevant).

Early sketches
Early sketches
Advanced sketches
Advanced sketches
Avatars and Emotes shop | sketches vs final screens 

My Collection | sketches vs final screens 

Early directions
The early directions were designed with an emphasis on revealing the variety and quantitative richness of the emotes series under each avatar.
This design is also intended to allow an easy overview of those series, for the user who is debating which one to purchase.

Final direction
In the advanced stages, the user can see only one emote for each avatar on the screen, from a mindset that meets several needs:
- to simplify and avoid disruptions with the vertical & horizontal scrolls
- to push for a gradual purchase of the emotes
- extra focus for available emotes (unlocked)
- Simplicity and intuitive use as possible
- cleaner, more 'casual look' and up-to-date style
- turning each Emote into a more desirable item.


In the UI phase, it was important to create richness and uniformity.
so that every element will feel like it belongs to the same feature,
and that the user experience will be the same as possible.
whether it is an access button in the lobby, the widget in the game
scene, or the balance of the hearts - whether it’s the way to play the
emotes on ‘My collection’ or at the table.


As part of the Post MVP phase of the feature, we integrated seasonal tickets that can only be purchased during the current season's period in the app.
The seasonal avatars & emotes disappear from the store when the season ends (we added a timer at the top of the card).

We added the seasonal assets for three purposes:
- Regular and monthly addition of updated content to the application
- The seasonal assets could create FOMO for the players, which is intended to encourage purchases
- We linked one of the avatars to the purchase of the app 'Season-PASS', to increase purchases of the PASS (without purchasing the PASS the avatar and emotes cannot be purchased).

VIP Card, Season-Pass card, Seasonal card, and regular card

Season-Pass card states, locked & unlocked

Fortune seasonal avatars and emotes | screen recording from the app

Vertical scroll | Viewing another emotes

Launch videos 

Monetization launch video
Animations by Gravity

'How-to' video
Animations by Gravity

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