Poker Academy is a different feature in the WSOP landscape.
The feature is an internal content platform for WSOP users. The platform is designed so that it is divided into different seasons, parallel to the seasons launched in the application.
Each Poker academy season includes several videos (between 4 and 9) that present content related to poker professionalism, and a review of historical moves from the major WSOP tournaments.
As I will expand on later, each season includes, in addition to videos, a branded bracelet that can be worn if he has collected all the videos of the season.

Strengthening and differentiating the WSOP brand while emphasizing the value of professionalism and legacy. 
Creating value for the players by exposing them to filmed content for poker professionalization and reviewing historical moves from the major WSOP tournaments.

Since the feature is educational and not a game, to allow the feature to create a thrilling chase and push for progress in other areas of the application, we added a progression component to the feature in the Post MVP stage.
By connecting the feature to other features, to watch the content, the player must collect the videos (which become a kind of perk) in order to win the seasonal bracelet (the collectible) at the end of each season.

Owner of the feature & TF member
UX Design 
UI Design

taste of the feature | screen recordings from the app

Watching a video with Poker Academy | screen recordings from the app

The inspirations for designing the feature, both in terms of structure and appearance, were inspired by streaming platforms (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, etc.) In addition, by application stores (such as Appstore and Microsoft Store). Those formats support Content change, Separation, and highlighting of promoted content, backgrounds performance, and content cards and containers which are built to support assorted designs.

Features advanced sketches 

The home screen shows the videos of the current season in the game. The background design is derived from the theme of the season and creates a connection between the various features of the application.

Academy current season | example of the reskin ability of the feature

Video room Card states 

How to screen | By connecting the feature to other features, the player must collect the videos to win the seasonal bracelet

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